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Last week was a fabulous whirlwind.  I flew to Toronto to work with several corporate teams, had the honor of being a part of a playground build for a beautiful little girl with a brain tumor through Million Dollar Smiles, worked privately with several Circle of Life clients and then hosted Master Your Systems where we welcomed in several new family members to our community.

My biggest “A-ha” during this nonstop adventure, was just how lucky I am to be working with such incredible leaders.  I have carried an old paradigm into my work in the past that “work had to be hard” and that there was a struggle around making money that often included difficult relationships.  Working with not only our current Circle of Life members, but having the opportunity to work with and serve alongside new special people each day, was such an eye opener for me this week.  I realized that during the course of my leadership work, I no longer work with anyone I don’t want to spend time with.  Don’t get me wrong, challenging relationships still show up from time to time, but somehow in the focus of staying in service and on purpose, the relationships have become really effortless.

I thought about this a lot while pondering how I could be of service to you in your own life and business this week. As always, I don’t have a magic wand, but I do think we might be on to something.  If Tony Robbins is right, and relationships are the fabric of life, what kind of fabric are you weaving?  I encourage you this week to think about who you are spending time with and ask yourself if this is where you want to play.  We train leaders frequently to “hire slow and fire fast” when building teams.  What if that same practice were applied to your personal life?  What if you really only worked and played with people you enjoyed – people who fully supported you and filled you with joy and inspiration. Would you choose to spend time with the same people?

I am truly humbled by the depth of support and love that I receive on a daily basis from my community at all levels.  I invite you to begin choosing wisely, if you are not already doing so, who you work and play with.  The richness of the dance when we share it with like minded people is not to be missed.

Much Love,


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