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Hello from Sunny Sedona,
I hope you’ve had a good week.
In between calls, I’ve been cleaning house and getting ready for our upcoming FLOW Retreat.
Today I had an interesting conversation that I’d like to share with you.
I was speaking to an amazing woman I met a few weeks ago when I was in Canada speaking.
This woman has led a successful service based business for almost 20 years, but today she shared with me in confidence that she just felt hopeless. Her business is in a down cycle and she just doesn’t feel like she has the “umph” to pull it out.
I asked her, “Who on your team helps support the vision of your company?”
After a few minutes, she said, “No one. That’s my job.”
Well, I emphatically disagree. As I experience my own ebbs and flows in life and business, I am clear that the ONLY way I have ever been able to carry on in down times, has been with the incredible support I receive from my team and my community.
It wasn’t always like this, and at times, I made the journey much harder than it had to be.
In recollection, the easy and flowing times always happened when I got out of my own way and allowed myself to receive support;
If you missed last Friday’s Free Gift, Part 1 of my Masterclass When to Hire and How to Afford Rockstar Team Members, you might want to check it out.
If you’ve already got Part 1 handled, this week I encourage you to join me for Part 2 where I share my 7-step Rockstar Team Hiring Formula.
None of us become truly successful alone. If you know it is time for you to feel reignited and you are ready to grow gracefully, I hope you find these trainings helpful.
I’ll “see” you next Friday.
Much Love,

Laura Gisborne

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