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It’s time for you to make some choices

I hope you’re well and taking care of yourself.

Most Fridays, I look for a simple resource to share with you that will help you grow your business and improve your life.

These are not simple times.

The conversations are not simple and we are all involved.

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks about what matters. At the advice of my closest girlfriends who are black, I’ve been encouraged to listen carefully to learn.

I’m mortified by what I’ve learned. I’m embarassed and ashamed that with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration, I have been so ignorant to the plight of so many.

I’m also deeply optimistic and inspired. I’m clear that we are a community of leaders and how we choose to react and take action will inform and define the experience of future generations.

For this Friday’s Free Gifts, I’ve collected three different resource sources to share with you that I have been personally studying.

I encourage you to schedule some time over the next few weeks to do your homework. Read and listen to these resources, to gain knowledge and insight on how you may join me and other allies in leading change in our communities.

The first gift is a resource list created by the brilliant, committed leader, Brendon Burchard. This precious man has dedicated his life to cultivating leadership in others and his heart is the size of Texas.

He generously compiled a list of resources for inequality, anti-racism, social impact and how to talk about it together, that you may access here.

I encourage you to join me as one of his students and followers. You may optin for his ongoing free trainings and resources on his website at

The next resource I’d like to share with you is Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper.

The Sunday Paper is a free modern digital newsletter to inspire your heart and mind.

Each week in your email inbox, Maria delivers powerful, thought-provoking content that provides hope for the path ahead. In addition to sharing Maria’s latest reflections, The Sunday Paper also shares news and views “above the noise” to help ignite you to become an Architect of Change and Move Humanity Forward. Subscribe here to get inspired to make a difference and live a more meaningful life.

I personally love this paper for the quality of perspective provided by both Maria and her guest contributors.

When you sign up here, you’ll see several articles from the last few editions of the paper that address the current state of affairs in a non-biased, factual way that is easy to understand.

The latest articles also contribute a historical perspective that is necessary to grasp the full scope of the issues we are facing with our current systems. Visit her website here, to learn more, and to get engaged.

The final resource I have for you this Friday is a body of free courses created by the team at LinkedIn, focused on .helping you become a stronger ally and how to have inclusive conversations.

You may access the courses here.

One of the great travesties of this history of abuse is the lack of understanding and unconscious behavior of well-meaning people.

I believe that overall as leaders, we really do try to do the best we can, with our current understanding.

It is our mandate to deepen our awareness and understanding so we can stop the pain that has been inflicted on innocent people of color for hundreds of years.

Please join me this Friday in elevating yourself and your contribution.

I know that together, we can and will make a difference, when we commit to listening to learn.

Thank you for your generous listening and support for our movement of Limitless Women.

In the words of my dear friend and role model, Sandra Yancey, Founder of EWomen Network, let us continue to “Lift each other as we climb.”

Sending Love,


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