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Something to lift you up (video)

I hope you’re well and taking care of yourself.

Since it is a holiday week in both the United States and Canada, please give yourself permission to take some time off.

The primary goal of our Limitless Women Community is to give to ourselves and others.

I find that if we don’t give to ourselves first, it is often more difficult to give to others.

After you take care of yourself,

I’ve got a short video for you to watch.

When my children were younger and they were having a bad day, I would always encourage them to look for ways they could be kind to someone else.

It may be as simple as listening for a friend in need, or

we may decide to clean out the pantry or closet and take our extra food and clothing to Goodwill or the local Food Bank.

In times like these, after we shore ourselves up, stretching our perspective and looking for someone who has a need greater than our one, is still a practice we all use in our family to lift our own spirits.

If you’re looking for a place to contribute, for this Friday’s Free Gift, I’m sending you a short video that may help.

This short video covers the 3 things we look for when choosing a charity to partner with.

How to choose the right non-profit for your contributions.

Thank you for all you do to make a difference for the people in your life.

Remember to be good to yourself this week and

I’ll “see” you next Friday.

Sending Love,


Free Gift Friday Laura Gisborne

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