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Last week I turned 50. Have you ever heard that saying “I wish I had known then what I know now”?

After spending several weeks in Africa and South America with incredibly wise, mature young women this summer (one of whom I gave birth to 20 years ago), I reflected on what I know today that I wish someone would have shared with me when I was in their season of life.

10 things I wish I had known (1)

I am grateful to live a life today that is better than I ever could have imagined as a child.  The journey to get here, however, was a pretty rough one at times.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. There is definitely something about going through life’s experiences that is part of the gift.
I would love, however, to make the journey easier for the next generation of leaders I have been blessed to know.
10 things I wish I had known (2)
For this week’s gift, I am sharing with you a few of my favorite lessons that came to mind as I reflected on what this next season of life holds.  I’m pretty sure my 20 year old self was not ready to listen, but they all have proven true to my 50 year old self and I hope you find them valuable.
1)  It doesn’t have to be so hard – there is no valor in struggle
2)  You are never alone and you will always be OK -hold on and things will shift
3)  Your body will actually get stronger and better with age- who knew?
4)  People are doing the best they can with what they know – we are all much more alike than different
5)  You never lose by giving more love – love always wins – no exception
6)  Vulnerability is a sign of strength
7)  A vulnerable, generous man is worth waiting for
8)  You have no idea what you are capable of – dream bigger
9)  Simple is smart
10) There is magic in your creativity
I could certainly elaborate on each of these (and probably will when we get to see each other in person),  but hopefully short and sweet will work for now.
As the fall approaches and we all get back to work and back to life with the new gifts and memories of this summer, please keep me posted on you.  I do receive your messages personally, and your friendship is truly one of the greatest gifts in my life.
Keep dreaming with me.
10 things I wish I had known (3)
Much Love,

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Laura Gisborne

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