re you struggling to “get it all done” – or enjoying plenty of time, money, and fun as you actualize your dreams? If you’re always “up against the clock,” Laura Gisborne’s enlightening presentations will lift you out of overwhelm, rekindle your passion, deepen your purpose and boost business profits with less effort than you ever thought possible. A risk-taking innovator who launched her first successful business at age 23, followed by eight more start-up successes (including several multi-million dollar enterprises), Laura’s dynamic talks show how to discover, create and design a life that inspires both you and others. You’ll learn how to develop Master Systems that build your business with ease and grace as you watch it soar in the marketplace to become a leader in its field.

The founder of Legacy Leaders Global and author of Stop the Spinning: Move from Surviving to Thriving, Laura will reveal her unique Value System for pro-active prosperity that shifts entrepreneurs into “Fast Focus” as they design systems based on her “Passion in Action” strategies. The audience leaves Laura’s fun, interactive presentations with renewed passion and purpose, and systems they can implement now to end struggle and realize every dream.

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